Friday, February 1, 2008


Ok, so January of over and I'm so done with snow (even though there are huge piles everyplace I look!!), I'm moving on to February and LOVE!! Once you have seen a few pictures of snow they all begin to look alike, so I won't bore you with any more!! And, besides---I'm done with snow!! :0)

So, I will post things I "love"...starting today with this picture of J and A...look at those chubby little cheeks (on "A")! It's hard to believe when I look at the handsome little "almost 6" year old today, that he used to be this chubby little baby boy! One thing I don't love is how quickly he is growing up! I wish there was a magical way to keep all of our grandchildren little for just a while longer...they are all growing up way too fast!

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Amber said...

After this past week I am ready for the snow to be done falling too. I must admit a little part of me does enjoy it, but I hate the storm that has to happen to get it here. Don't worry Judy. Spring will come... eventually!
Love the poem and I agree, babies shouldn't grow up so darn fast.