Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whoa, baby....

Well, Mother Nature kept her promise and we got DUMPED on noon we had 12 new inches of snow, and it's been snowing most of the day, so no telling how much we have now!! :0)
(Notice the "for sale" sign that is in our front yard in the last's almost totally buried!) You know it's bad when the mall closes....yes, the mall closed!!! (Luckily Starbucks kept their doors open, though!!) :0) There were 175 school closures in the area...even both universities!
It's really crazy!! What is keeping me going week from today I will be in Phoenix!! Woo Hoo!! (That is if I can get out of town...right now most of the roads are closed!) :0(

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TAG said...

Bring a coat when you come to Phoenix! In comparison it's warm here, but there was frost on my windshield this morning. It's been a long time since I've seen you, but I thought I would check out your blog along with the Paper Pals blog since I'm home for a few minutes. I'm gald I did, now we can stay connected. Mom, dad and Kaleigh are over the snow too, and we decided finishing school at the U of I is no longer up for consideration. Hope you are doing well! Alicia