Thursday, February 14, 2008

Missing "My Valentine"...

I'm missing "My Valentine" today....this is our 45th Valentine's Day together...yikes, and we're only 39!! :0) While I'm here in Phoenix enjoying the beautiful sunshine, he is home (in the snow and cold) working's tax season, you know!! But, one week from today he will be winging his way south to join me in the sun for a few days--he deserves the break!! So, we will celebrate a belated Valentine's Day then (the restaurant choices are so much better here, anyway)!! I love you, Jim!

The flu bug that has been spending the week with Jean and I is very persistant and doesn't want us to have any fun at all!!! We think he's gone and then we eat something and "bingo"...there he is again! Each day is a little better than the one before, so we should be back to good as new very soon!! You know it's bad when we don't want to go to the movies, shopping or out to lunch! My friend, Linda, said that there is going to be an "APB" out on us wondering where the "Terry sisters" have gone!? She's right!

Enjoy your day and all the special Valentines in your life!

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