Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Real "Stinker!!"

We're feeling good...back to lunches out, movies and shopping....having a great time!! The "flu bug" is just an unpleasant memory!! So, we were ready to get back in the swing of things and go to another movie...the 5 we have seen so far have all been "thumbs up!" Well, we were a little desperate (actually very desperate!!) other movies showing that we knew we wanted to see, so we took a chance and decided to go to "Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins." BIG MISTAKE...this movie, for us, was a real stinker!! :0( It could have been funny (the actors were all great), but, for us, not so much!! Might just be us, but we had to give this movie two thumbs down!! But, on the "up" side we had lots of fun shopping today at the New River Outlet Stores in Anthem....lots of great bargains!! Jimbo arrives tomorrow...I can't wait for him to enjoy some of this fabulous sunshine, he's going to love it!!

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