Friday, February 27, 2009

In the B L I N K of an eye....

On February 27th, 7 years ago today, this little guy "was placed into our arms, and fell into our hearts!" Our very first grand"son!""A" brings such joy to our lives just be being himself!! He reminds me so much of our boys when they were little! He loves.... LEGOS, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Wii, riding bikes with friends, drawing, and so much more!!

As his Nana, I only have one concern....he is growing up WAY too fast!! In the blink of an eye he went from that tiny, new baby I loved to rock and snuggle with, to this handsome first grader!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, "A"!! We love you!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

S O W....

My winter "get-away to the sunshine" in getting close!! This time of year I have had about all the snow... cold... gray skies... coats... gloves... wind chill... and all those other things that go along with winter here in the beautiful inland northwest that I can take, and I am heading south to Phoenix for 2 weeks for a little R&R in the sun! Believe me, it is just what the doctor ordered for Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression or winter blues!! I don't seriously think that I have SAD, but I do think I have "SOW"---SICK OF WINTER!!! :0)

But, my trip to Phoenix isn't all "fun and games"...I will be working, too!! :0) I'm going to teach a scrapbook class at my sister, Jean's, house. It is a fun, mini-album called "We Are Family!"

Update on shoulder/arm: I started PT yesterday, and even though I felt crummy last night, I "think" I felt a little better this morning! I know that PT isn't going to be a party, and I'm hoping after 4-6 weeks I'm going to be good as new!!!