Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The weather outside is NOT frightful....

I took this picture from our deck this morning....compare it to the same picture/view that I posted in my last blog--just 2 short days ago--and you can see we have had a HUGE weather change! The weather man is calling it the "pineapple express" winds and rain coming up from Hawaii! It's not bad here, there are warning of some small stream flooding, but nothing major. However, if you have been watching the news today you have seen the incredible flooding and problems that this same weather system is bringing to Seattle and the Washington and Oregon coast...it's amazing!
Our expected temperature today is in the 50's...unbelievable! :0) But, no worries, I'm still in the Christmas spirit...and I don't even have to drive on slick roads and "schlep" around in snow and muck! I like this!!

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