Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Favorites...

Five random favorites this time of year:
*hearing from "long lost" friends
*Starbucks lattes
*December 21st...the shortest day, is only a few days away!
*sunny days (when we get them!)
*on-line shopping

It is so easy, this time of year, to get all caught up in all the craziness around us. This special time can become not so fun---presents to buy and wrap, cards to send, goodies to make, house to decorate, etc., etc., etc. And, pretty soon, this "most wonderful time of year" becomes a time that we trudge through just hoping to make it to the new year!! So...take a little time today to think about some of your favorite things this time of year! (Hopefully "updating your blog" won't be on that list that becomes "not so fun!!") :0)

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Rachel said...

I like your new layout for your blog. I also always enjoy hearing the smile in your words when you talk about your grandkids. They're very lucky to have you! Happy holidays!