Friday, December 28, 2007


Wish I could say I took this picture, but I didn't!! Even kinda looks like this outside Jon and Sarah's house tonight...we had snow today (we only got 4-5" though, thank goodness)!! Hopefully we will get outside tomorrow and get some great "snow" know, always thinking scrapbooking! :0) I love it here...they put salt on the roads, so the snow is off them fast!! I know it rusts the cars, but it sure makes for great, non-slick roads, and for those of us who don't like driving on icy roads, this is wonderful!!
We are having so much fun with this little guy...he just turned 2, and is busy!! It's so much fun to hear him talking...seems like he uses a new word every day! Getting in all the snuggling we has to last us a while!!

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Karen said...

Happy New Year Judy!