Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spending the day with Nana...

What a fun day this little one and I had on Friday!! (Mommy and Daddy were at work and "A" was at Kindergarten.) "K" will soon be 3 (in April) and she has turned into quite the little chatterbox!! We went to Starbucks for our morning "treat"---non-fat latte for me and strawberry cream frappuccino her---and had fun just talking! She informed me that "My mommy likes coffee and my daddy likes wine!" We talked about all sorts of things and had such a great time!! After Starbucks we ventured to Pet Smart so she could she the ferrets, birds and fish. We walked in and she covered her nose and said "It smells like a dirty diaper in here!" (Out of the mouths of babes!!) But, you know, she was right!! :0) Then on to our final stop, the Hallmark Store, where we bought her a little WebKins puppy...she told me she didn't want a kitty "because they lick themselves!" After returning home we had just enough time to paint her fingers and toes before lunch and nap time! She sat so still for me...just like a "big girl!"

Days like this are what being a "Nana" is all about...taking time to spend with our grandchildren doing whatever they want to do! We didn't always have the luxury of doing this when our own kids were little...time and $$ constraints! So...with "nothing but time" and a little more $, I treasure these times! I love you "K"!!

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Amber said...

How FUN!!! She is soooo sweet and growing up so fast. I love the comments little kids say. This weekend Casey was at the store with CJ picking up some cough medicine for Levi. Casey couldn't find the kind I wanted and CJ said to him "Dad, do you want the 12 hour relief stuff?" Casey said "Yeah, that would be great." CJ pointed out the kind I wanted and Casey asked him if he read that. CJ replied "No you silly goose. I saw it on the television." LOL Cute, cute, cute!