Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I love this time of year..."March Madness!" And, today is an important day in our financial future---choosing the teams that will advance to the final four, and, eventually the NCAA Men's Basketball National Champion! I think Jim's office pool is worth maybe $50 if I make correct choices---this is important! :0) In the past, I've chosen teams from cities I liked, or the color of their uniforms or perhaps the mascot...but, I've advanced a little past that and know a teensy-tiny bit about some of the teams....not much, but a little. It's hard to decide...how far do I take our local favorites Washington State University and Gonzaga??? It's all in good fun and makes for a fun "escape" from the doldrums of tax season at the office!! The guys like to think they "know" basketball and can always pick the eventual winner---imagine their surprise the year that one of the secretaries won!! Any advice on who to choose would be much appreciated!! :0)

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Amber said...

Ha ha ha... I do one of these silly things at my husband's work too. I never win, but it's still fun trying. I love March Madness!