Sunday, March 16, 2008

Never too young....

A little girl is never too young to learn the "finer points" of applying make-up! "K" managed to use up her little girls make-up kit in about two sittings! :0) She was totally "greased" up and ready for a bath....but, she had lots of fun applying the beautiful colors everywhere! :0)

I don't know why we are here,
but I'm pretty sure
it has something
to do with
enjoying ourselves!
~Ludwig Wittgenstein


Karen said...

Can I come play?! You have so much fun with your grandchildren! I hope I am 1/2 the grandma you are someday!!


Anonymous said...

I remember being six and wanting to play with makeup D: my mom said I couldn't even play with my friend's kit, which she had brought over to play with. I'm twelve now and have to wait till I'm fifteen. I absolutly am obbsesed with my eleliner though because my dad snuck out and bought it. lol. atleast now I'm old enough to grow out my hair. but because I was never allowed to before, I don't know how to keep it nice. D:and when I turn thirteen I can wear lipgloss and nail polish. apparently my mom says 13 is a preteen. that's actually 8-12 though. and 15 is a teenager. D: atleast you kids are happy :D