Sunday, January 20, 2008

Las Vegas, day 1....

We had a fun day today...LOTS of walking, and it was 55 degrees...yipee!! It's in the 20's at home, so even though we were hoping for warmer weather, we will take 55!! It was just great to be able to walk outside in the sunshine with NO snow around....loved it!

I spent a "little" time on the slot machines---Jim was watching the football game---and I lost my head and did the quarter machines (even though I usually don't got over the nickel slots!) I "threw caution to the wind" and put in $20 (80 quarters!)....yikes!!! Well, good news, I kept winning and got up to 410 quarters...I should have quit, right?? Well, I just couldn't! :0) But, the story does have a happy ending...I did stop when I got down to 160 quarters, so I walked away with $40!! I was proud of myself...doubled my $$$! I would never make it on Deal or No's hard to stop when you think the next time you will hit the "BIG" one!

We are off tonight with everyone from the office for dinner at Spago....looking forward to some very good food, and a fun night!


Karen said...

So glad you are having such a fun time! We missed you at the retreat! Let's make sure you can go in August!!!

Amber said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! We sure missed you at the retreat this weekend. It was great! Enjoy the weather in Vegas while you can. This morning when I left for work it was a whopping 2°F!!! You know you miss it right? LOL I must admit the snow is at least gorgeous.