Monday, January 28, 2008


"Dear little out for this little heartbreaker in a few years" However, for now he is just about to turn 6 and girls are "no big deal!!" :0) I'm taking my mind off all the snow outside my windows and spending the afternoon scrapbooking my 5 favorite "little ones"! I have some great pictures of K, A, R, K and L, and I'm in the mood to create! This layout of "A" was actually "scraplifted" from Kelly Goree (for those of you that don't scrapbook, it means I saw a similar layout in a magazine, and used parts of it in my layout.)

Today was pretty outside, so I took some pictures to show those of you (lucky ones) in the south, just how much snow we have!! It's amazing, and the weather forecast sounds like we will be adding to this every single day this week!!! It's great weather for scrapbooking...see, I'm thinking "positive!"

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