Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday gratitudes...

I love to read Ali Edward's blog! For those of you that aren't familiar with Ali, she is a "scrapbooker extraordinaire", author, artist, teacher...and, so much more! Her blog is always very fun and inspiring to read! Today she has a list of gratitudes--things that she is grateful for today! It is always good for all of us to step back, look around, and think about the things we are grateful for!

My gratitudes for today...

1. Sunshine. I think summer if finally here---it is beautiful outside! After a very long winter and NO spring, it just makes me happy to walk outside and feel the warm sunshine. YEA!!

2. Girlfriends. As my last blog stated, there is nothing like girlfriends! I am blessed to have so many special friends! The role that girlfriends play in our lives is ever-changing depending on our age and what is happening in our life, but I will never underestimate the importance of that very special relationship!

3. I don't have to drink Gatorade today!! (Short explanation---I had a colonoscopy this AM and part of the preparation involved drinking Gatorade...among other things!) It was really hard to choke down that last glassful! I'm Gatorade-free for three years!! :0)

4. Flowers. The geraniums and lobilia in our outside pots are about ready to bloom. And, the hydrangea is getting close.

5. Grandchildren. No list of things I'm thankful for would ever be complete without these 5 special "little people!" They make me happy every single day!! (In addition, and just as important to me, are their parents!!)
5. My Sister. I feel so blessed to have a sister...whether it is on the phone or "in-person" she is a special part of every single day!

6. Golf. I'm not good yet...not even "sorta" good, but I am so grateful that Jim is very patient and willing to play with me and help me to improve! I'm also grateful that my youngest son, the golf pro, outfitted me with clubs, shoes, and everything I need to "look the part!" Now, if I can just get my game to match the way I look! :0)

7. My wonderful gardener! Our lawn, and all of our property, looks so beautiful thanks to my fantastic husband---thank goodness he love to work in the yard!This list is just the beginning, but writing it down does make me stop and think how very lucky I am. I used to keep a "Gratitude Journal" (something I learned about on Oprah)...I think I need to get it out and start writing in it again!

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