Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Special weekend...

I have an special weekend coming up and I couldn't be more excited!! I am jetting off to Dallas (NO more snow...lots of heat!!) :0) for a weekend of shopping, eating and most of all "being with" a very dear friend from college!! We met in 1965 when we were both freshmen at the University of Idaho. (Oh, my gosh that sounds like a long time ago!) We met in "Angel Flight" a female drill team sponsored by Air Force ROTC. We had SO much fun together and we both ended up pledging the same sorority. So many fun and treasured college memories...those really were the good ole' days!

This picture of us is from 1970 when I visited her in San Francisco. (OMG, you gotta love that outfit I'm wearing---my Mom made it for me!!) Both of our husbands were away in the Navy and I took the opportunity to take my baby boy down to spend a few days! Our last visit was 11 years ago when we were in Washington DC... she went shopping with me to help me find a dress for that "very same baby boy's" wedding!
I know the weekend will go much too quickly, but I feel so lucky that we get to have this time together! And, I'm going to make her promise to not wait so long until our next visit!!
When the laughter is light
and the memories are many,
but the time is too short...
you know you're with a
good friend!

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