Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's SO NOT fair....

It's June 10th and it is SNOWING! I'm depressed!! (Of course, it's not bothering Jim---he is off to play golf!!!) Men are crazy! :0)

But...I'm not whining, honest!! This is just a little "blip" in our weather and it's going to be sunny and warm by the weekend. And, after seeing the devastating flooding in the Midwest and the oppressive heat in the northeast, I'm counting my blessings! :0)
The picture below is from my daughter-in-law's work this morning...8 miles from here!!

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Amber said...

Judy, I always think of you when the snow is falling. Today even more than other days. I can not BELIEVE it is snowing!!! Scorching heat in the east, flooding in the midwest, and snow here. We certainly are a lot more fortunate than others in the country, but it still makes me mad. At least we are looking at sunny warm days for the weekend! Maybe we'll get our fence done. As my mother always tells me "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." (from Finding Nemo). ;o)