Sunday, January 18, 2009

Through our windows... (& "A Special Visitor")

...we have a FABULOUS sunny day! What a "mood lifter" it is. I am inside scrapbooking, doing laundry, cleaning a little...but, every time I look out the windows I smile because there is Mr. Sun shining down and making our part of the world a little more BEAUTIFUL!Last night, when "K" and "R" came to spend the night, "K" brought a special visitor along with her! His name is FLAT STANLEY and he is visiting all the way from Arizona. He is from her cousin, Alli, in Phoenix, and arrived through the USPS "flattened" in an envelope! I think Stanley is having a great time here, but we told "K" we think she needs to make him a coat, hat and gloves---we think his blood is thin and he must be freezing!!

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