Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As a Kindergarten teacher, one of my very favorite activities every day was reading to the children. I LOVE children's books...I used to get as excited as the kids when a new book club order would arrive at school---a big box from Scholastic or Trumpet was always cause for celebration!!

Now that my Kindergarten teaching days are behind me, I can still have a great time reading to children at my grandchildren's preschools. I love it!! 3-5 year olds get SOOOO involved in the stories---today one of the books we read was "Chicken Little" and one little boy told me about "his version of Chicken Little where the sky really does fall and out pop aliens with red eyes and pointy claws, and they run all over chasing kids!" And, he was so serious! :0)

Jean and I had a great time, as always, reading to "R's" preschool class...we even remembered cameras so we could record this special memory!

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