Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the road to recovery...

Jon's shoulder surgery was today, and Sarah just called to tell is it went well, we stayed home with "L". The doctor told her that once he got "in there" it was pretty much what he expected--no big surprises.

(I will back-up a bit--he has had shoulder pain and problems since he hurt it in 8th grade football. It wasn't getting any better and he knew that it was time to get it fixed! Since he makes his living as a golf pro he has been hesitant to do the surgery because he knew that he wouldn't be able to swing a golf club for a few months, but he finally reached the point where there was no choice!:0)
They repaired the bursa sac (Bursa sacs are fluid-filled membranes within and around the shoulder; they cushion the joints and help minimize friction), and attached some anchors with suture attached precisely into the socket of the shoulder.

It's hard to believe that they will release him later today...I'm not sure what kind of procedure you would have to go through to be kept in the hospital overnight?? My theory is that they want you out of there before the "block" wears off and then your family can deal with the patient in pain and agony! :0) But, we are ready---sooooo many people have told us that shoulder surgery isn't for sissies, apparently it ranks right up there in the "pain level" department during recovery. However, once a few months have passed and physical therapy is completed we know that he's going to be so happy to have a "fully functioning" shoulder that doesn't hurt!
So, this was the major reason for our trip east (besides surprising him on his birthday) and we are ready to help! (The last time he has surgery was when he had an umbilical hernia at age 1. The doctor told us to try to keep him "quiet!" Ha, there is no keeping a 1 year old "quiet!" :0)
I don't think we will have that problem this time...we're planning for lots of quiet time & pain pills for the next few days!
Updates later...

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