Friday, December 5, 2008

How do you spell F U N?....

Well, if you're 3 years old you spell it
"C H U C K E. C H E E S E ' S !!"
We had a great time today---lots of tokens and nothing but was perfection!!! I think you can tell from the pictures that this has to be one of "L's" very favorite places!!!! (Nana and Papa had a lot of fun, too!!)
SHOULDER UPDATE: First day out of the sling, first movement since surgery.....VERYYYYY painful!! (I guess we are seeing the painful side of shoulder surgery that everyone had warned us about!!) Like I said earlier...this isn't for sissies!!! Hoping for a little less pain tomorrow!

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Charlie said...

Nicole is a huge Chuck E. Cheese fan too. We haven't been to one since September, but I still hear about tokens and tickets at least once a week.