Monday, December 1, 2008


Two parties on Sunday---Sarah threw a "birthday" party for Jon and "L", and Mother Nature threw a "snow" party for Michigan!! The snow threatened to put a damper on the birthday party, but we said NO WAY! It did manage to seriously deplete the guest list, though---only those that lived less than 5 miles away were able to make it. (Many others tried and ended up turning around and going back home after multiple accidents and slide-offs on all of the roads!)

"L" had a great time and got soooo excited with every present he opened!! Three year olds really get what this whole "birthday thing" is really about, and he loved it!!
Sarah took much better birthday party pictures...I will post them later.
The snow continues to fall...this was about 3 hours ago! :0) We are going down to the mall later to let "L" RUN... we don't want any "cabin fever" here!

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