Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh yes, it's F A L L....

All I can say this morning is brrrrrrrrr! Fall "officially" arrived today and BOOM---it's cold outside!! After enjoying days in the 90's last week, we have seen a serious "dip" into the 50's! That is just rude of Mother Nature!! :0( So, one my very favorite things about fall is burning this Yankee Candle---"Harvest"'s just makes your house smell so good!!! I'm not a big fan of scented candles that smell like food (pumpkin pie, for example). But, this candle is just the perfect combination of spice smells---mmmm, love it!
But, I'm not putting my shorts and flip-flops away quite yet because I'm going to Phoenix this Thursday for two fun-filled weeks with my sister! I know I can count on lots of warm, sunny days (and movies, and lunch out, and shopping, and dinner out) there! :0)

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AngMomof3 said...

Mmmm... love the Yankee Harvest candle! That's one thing I look forward to in the fall.

Crazy that only 5 days ago we had the AC running in our house and tonight we built a fire! Wow.

Have FUN in Phoenix!