Friday, September 12, 2008

G O L F....

Golf is one sport that has always seemed "beyond my grasp!" I know it takes LOTS of practice, but I was soooo bad that even practicing, in hopes of improving, was no fun!! Finally, this summer, I think I got past the "not so fun" part and I actually enjoyed myself! I'm still not very good, (well, really not good at all) but the best part is---I'm enjoying it!! I think my "transformation" can be attributed to this guy... Our son--the "golf pro"--gave me some lessons while we were in Michigan this summer, and ordered some new "lighter" clubs for me. Good's working!!!
This fun golf themed paper is from "Scrappin' Sports," one of the many fun new sports papers at Paper Pals.

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Karen said...

Love this layout Judy! So proud of you for learning how to golf!