Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello from Phoenix....

It is gorgeous here....sunny, 80 degrees, bright blue sky....I'm lovin' it!!! I had a great flight, Spokane to Las Vegas, stayed on the plane, then Las Vegas to Phoenix. It was fast--loved it!!
I bought Rosie's book yesterday so I read about 1/2 of it on the plane. It's interesting to say the least...I always loved her on "The View", and she tells about how uncomfortable the show made her. She expected the "View" to mean that her "views" would be welcome and respected, but she didn't feel like that at all. (I know she can be a bit "over the top", but I always enjoyed her on her own show, and on "The View.) OK, enough about's a good book but I'm sure not for everyone! :0)
Bye for now, I have to go change into my flip-flops and crop pants!! :0)

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