Thursday, September 6, 2007

Country Club of Lansing

Decided to post a different picture today...let you see some of the things around Lansing. This is the clubhouse at Country Club of Lansing where Jon is the head golf professional. It is a beautiful building, and the golf course is so green and pretty--lots of trees and flowering things. Jim has been able to golf there a couple times since we arrived, and he even got a few "tips" from Jon on the driving range. Sarah and I took Landen to the pool there on Monday. Besides the regular pool they have a toddler pool that is only 1 foot deep---perfect for someone his size, and he loves it! Well, it is about time for our morning coffee run.."Starbucks" are few and far between--compared to the northwest--but we discovered one in Barnes and Noble---not far from Jon and Sarah's house! Missing home, but having a wonderful time here!!

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