Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seattle, Shopping, Special Times....

Jamie and I returned this morning from our weekend in Seattle (we were at SeaTac at 6:20 AM...very EARLY wake-up call)!  Our Christmas shopping excursion was FANTASTIC...we are thinking we need to make it a yearly tradition!  Our hotel, The Westin, was in the heart of downtown Seattle...a short walk to Pacific Place, and Westlake Center.  Every time our arms were full and the load became too heavy to carry we could bring packages back to the hotel, drop them off, and head out again!  And, there was even a Starbucks that we had to walk right past on our convenient! :0)

We had a beautiful room on the 42nd floor with a unobstructed view of the Space Needle!

Also, from our window we saw these guys doing the scariest job in the world...can you even imagine lowering yourself over a 50+ story building to wash the windows!  YIKES!! (Sounds like a challenge from "The Amazing Race!!")

P.S. The "2 bags free" policy on Southwest Airlines came in very handy...we were able to carry all our "goodies" home for free!

And...."5" years ago today this special little guy joined the family!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to "L"!!

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