Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello November...

SO happy to have November here...not because winter is just around the corner, but because our house completion date was end of October!! :0)  It's finished, we're in (YIPEE), and slowly getting unpacked and settled!!  So far, we have moved in everything that we had with us for the past 9 months in our temporary housing...our basement is FULL of boxes of things we packed away and had in storage.  Our quandary now is "Do we really need all those boxes and boxes of things that we have managed to get along just fine without for the past several months??"  (Probably not!) :0/

And the den (my scrapbook room), still in need of some TLC!!


Monika Wright said...

I love your what your profile says, makes me smile!

And the 9-month wait and living out of boxes was certainly worth it after seeing your beautiful new home. And, wow, what a scrap room.

Have fun and craft on!

Charlie said...

What a fabulous new home you have! It looks warm, inviting, and comfortable. Best wishes for making many happy memories there.