Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Little Brother...

Follow me, little brother and I'll show you the way,

 I'll hold your hand in mine and stand beside you every day.
There are many things for you to learn
and I'd like to be your guide,
Don't be afraid, little brother for I am always at your side.
I can teach you how to ride a bike
 and how to catch and throw,
So if you listen carefully I'll show you what I know.
I know some things seem scary
and you may be afraid to try,
But don't worry, little brother on me you can rely.
I'll always be there to protect you
and catch you when you fall,
For when we stick together
we can make it through it all.
As the years go by and we are both becoming men,
 I know we'll remain not only brothers
but also best of friends.

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