Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween...

Oh my goodness....when I came across this picture a few months ago I knew immediately that I was going to use it for my Halloween post!!! This is "trick-or-treat" ala 1950's! In stark contrast to today, I think our costumes probably cost us less than $1.00!!

Our Mom and Dad bought us those black "Lone Ranger" type masks and we rummaged through the closets in the house for some old clothes that would complete our "get up!" (I have no idea what we were dressed up as, but it looks like we were having a great time!!) And, to carry all our loot we had some paper shopping-type bags with a ghost on the front.

On this Halloween we were joined by our cousins from the "country", they lived on a farm--not a neighborhood--so they came to the city for "trick-or-treating!" (Notice, our country cousins just had to use brown paper bags for their candy, they didn't have the much cooler Halloween bags with handles that my sister and I had!) Oh, speaking of my sister, Jean, that's her in the beard and white thing on her head, and I'm the one in the middle with the ghost bag! :0)

Wow, great memories of times when life seemed so much simpler!!

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Karen said...

Judy! What a treasure! Can't wait to see you do a layout with this photo.