Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The PERFECT solution...

Problem: little pine cones, all over the ground, on one side of our driveway---thanks to the gigantic pine trees in our neighbor's lawn!
Solution: a granddaughter who wants to earn $$$ to buy a new Lego Star Wars ship!!!
"K" was in it for the money, (she had a definite goal and was "driven"), and "R" was just having a good time...picking up a few pine cones here and there, and enjoying the beautiful day we were having!!! End result...the pine cones are all picked up and "K" is a little closer to her goal! Oh, yea, and "R" had a great time!!!
**The picture is "posed" (honest)...I told them to hang their tongues out and look REALLY tired! :0)

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Anita Cory said...

Hi Judy,

Love this picture...I used to have Spencer pick up pine cones for 5 cents each..quite a bargain for me, a good deal for a little kid.

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