Sunday, April 5, 2009


One of the favorite "holidays" at our house is "MARCH MADNESS!" This year Jim was offered the chance to get tickets and since the Final Four was in Detroit he couldn't pass up the opportunity to go! (With grandchild #5 living just a short hour drive from Detroit, it was the perfect opportunity to visit him...and his Mommy and Daddy, and get to see some great basketball with Jon!)

An added bonus was that the Michigan State Spartans made it into the Final Four. And, last night, they "knocked off" U Conn (many said it couldn't be done), so Jim and Jon get to proudly wear their State shirts on Monday night to the final game!

Jim was able to attend another Final Four several years ago with Jeff, when Jeff's favorite team, UNLV, was playing. Father/Son time has always been something he loves, and throw in basketball and it's darn near perfect!! :0)

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