Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling thankful....

....that we got our Christmas tree up and all decorated!! It's a bit early for us, but we leave for Michigan at the end of the week and when we get home Christmas preparations will be in "full swing" so I decided this was one thing that could be done early!

We had "K" and "R" for the night on Friday so we thought it was the perfect time to put up the tree and they were very happy to help! All the decorations ended up about 3-4 feet from the ground, (it was so much fun watching them decide where to hang what) but with a little rearranging it looks perfect! They both tried to convince me that they could stand on a chair to put some higher up on the tree because "they do it all the time at home!" Sure they do!! :0)

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Ellen said...

what an amazing picture of your special girls! They are so lucky to have you and Jim as their very special grandparents! Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner! Hugs,