Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hope, Change…I Believe!!!

"I'm always proud to be an American, particularly on an Election Day. This is the day we show the world what kind of country we are and prove that Democracy is alive and well. A record number of voters turned out and I am particularly excited by all of the young people who cast ballots. I haven't felt this sort of energy since the 1960s.

The entire world is going to notice what we did on November 4, 2008. Not one of the other leading countries, including those who like to consider themselves more progressive and liberal than us, is any where close to the day they will elect a member of a minority to the highest office in the land. We are a New America.

I hope we can put racial issues aside once and for all and focus our energy on making this the land of opportunity for all of our citizens.

It was a hard fought campaign and I am glad that more people rejected negative ads this time. I hope politicians get the message that we want the issues and the truth."

~Denise Tiller, Midwest Voices 2008 Panelist

I couldn't have said it better...it is a wonderful day to be an American!!


B Sue Fly said...

great post, I teared up again!

Karen said...

I can now breath again! Lots of happy tears in our house last night!!