Monday, July 14, 2008

They did it!!

Well, this isn't the "professional" picture I was hoping for, but beggars can't be choosers---right?! The guys made it to Portland yesterday at about 2:30 and they were VERY hot and sweaty and incredibly happy to be there!! They are on their way home from Seattle now, but I know they are very excited to have accomplished the STP!! Jim even did it on his "antique" bike (not one of the "fancier" bikes that most riders have now!!) :0) Jeff loved giving him a hard time about his "ride", but it got him there thank goodness!!! What a great father/son experience they had--that's what life if all about!!

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they got into some of the "official" ride pictures that will be posted on the STP website later this week...I need some "scrapbooking" material!! :0)

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Amber said...

It's so awesome that your family does all these kinds of fun cool things together. Congratulations to your boy and your man. What a wonderful accomplishment to add to their lifetime adventure list.

We are headed off to go camping tomorrow morning for five days. I can hardly wait! Lots of fishing, hiking, 4-wheeling, camp food, and just plain overall relaxation.