Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm learning....

I have got my work cut out for me this summer, but I am determined to learn to play golf!! I have "played around" with learning before, never with very much success. So, I decided this is the summer! Jim and I have made two trips to the driving range so far and played a few holes each time after practicing, and I'm not too discouraged....yet!! At this stage of the game, I'm just happy if I make contact with the ball...whiffing the ball is SO embarrassing (not to mention almost throwing your back out!!) And, so far--so good! My whole family loves golf, and I really want to do this! Next week, when we are in Michigan, I will get some "professional lessons" from our "golf pro" son! (BIG plus!!) :0) (See below!!)

The weather you see in this picture is pretty typical of our spring---crummy this year!! But, we have 80's predicted starting this Friday...we're ready!!

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Karen said...

Good for you Judy! It will be so fun for you and Jim to go golfing together!