Saturday, August 25, 2007


Just taking a little break from cleaning to do a little blogging!! This "real estate game" is a crazy one, but it's been exciting, too!! Having the house "show ready" at all times is a challenge for us, but in a way it's has been kinda nice because it forces me to not let things slide in the housecleaning department! :0) As soon as I get lax about it, our fabulous realtor, Jeff (our son) will call and say someone wants to show our house in 3 hours!!! Usually I have a day or two notice, but it's those 1 or 2 hour notices that keeps me on my toes! There are 3-4 interested buyers out there, but for one reason, or another, their waiting on offers. As Jeff says, we just need someone to "Pull the trigger" and make an offer and we will probably see a few others come in! OK, so will someone please pull the trigger!!
We LOVE this house, and actually are in no big hurry to move, except now our good friend, Tom Wood (the architect that designed this house) has done our new house for us, and we are getting very excited to get it going! But, what will be, will be, so for now we are just biding our time cleaning, mowing, looking at our new plans, and cleaning some more! Here is the drawing that Tom just sent us of our new house!

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Wendy said...

Judy - this looks great! Have you got your lot yet? I can't wait to see it when it is all finished! Great seeing you and Jim at the FM today - and don't worry, no dancing was done! :-)