Thursday, February 14, 2013

My "Real Life" Valentine story...

Many years ago, at Nampa Senior High School
this girl....
met this boy...
...and, fell in LOVE!
They went to college...
and...he became an accountant and she
became a teacher.
After college they said "I DO....."
And left their "college student lives" for the NAVY,
(what a handsome Midshipman he was!!)
After serving in Athens, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Bremerton, Washington;
and Norfolk, Virginia they moved back to Idaho.
They added three wonderful children to their family...
Their life has been blessed....
Great jobs
Wonderful friends and family

Six precious grandchildren
A beautiful place to live
"I am my beloveds,
and my beloved is mine."
I LOVE YOU, Babe!!

1 comment:

Jean Harper said...

What a beautiful tribute.. You two were made for each other.. Love you both and so happy you are a special part of my life.