Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seattle, 2012

We just returned from a trip to Seattle to get our "Seattle Fix" for the year! :0)  We both love Seattle and spending a few days there every summer is something we always look forward to. This year was especially fun because we had dinner two different nights with old friends. Again, I forgot to take my camera, but my phone camera didn't do too bad a job at capturing some highlights...

The wind turbines in central Washington on our drive over.

A new wine store in Bellevue..."Total Wine."  It was huge!!

The fresh flowers at Pike Place Market are beautiful!  If I lived close, I would have fresh flowers in my house every day of the year!!!

The view from our table at Anthony's Home Port in Tacoma.

More Pike Place....there is nowhere on earth that has more beautifully presented vegetables!

The flower baskets along the waterfront were incredible!

Mount Rainier was spectacular all week!

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