Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunny and hot....

Jim and I were able to "prolong" our summer just a little last week!  He was attending the national AICPA conference in Phoenix.  We had a wonderful time...only strange thing was that my sister, Jean, (who lives in Phoenix) is gone from Phoenix for a year and a half.  (I missed her!)

We stayed at the Biltmore...beautiful grounds.  (I'm not talking about the "interior" of the hotel because it really isn't worth mentioning---it's old and in serious need of a re-do!!) 

The "get away" was great...we loved the sunshine, warm weather, great food and good friends.  Now the flip-flops, crop pants and swim suit are tucked away til next spring.  (The low here tonight is supposed to be 27....brrrrrrr!)

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