Friday, June 24, 2011

"Camp Nana & Papa"....

We begged and pleaded with our kids (not really, we didn't have to beg) to let us have their children (our grandchildren) for this weekend.  They agreed, and the fun started today....
We went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins...FUN movie, we all loved it!!  The penguins are adorable...makes you want to adopt one as a pet; and, as usual, Jim Carrey was great!

Next stop was at the "Bear Research Center " at WSU...the bears were outside of the building and having fun playing in their cages, we got a fabulous "close up" view.  The kids were amazed at the bears, they were impressed with their LONG claws and big noses!!  We were all thankful that there was a fence between us and the bears!  One of the bears stood up on his hind legs and it was incredible to see how tall he was.

"WSU scientists and students work with both free-ranging and captive bears. Because it is necessary to weigh the bears regularly, draw blood samples, and provide special diets, not all of the research can be done in the wild. Research with captive bears permits a more in-depth understanding of bear biology."

The rest of the afternoon they are doing some "cousin bonding time" ....lots of Legos with the older ones, and a lot of playing "house" for the younger ones!!! 

The only additions that would make this weekend PERFECT would be if our two little grandsons in Michigan could be here with us!  Some day!! :0)

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