Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Had some more Michigan fun...

With tax season over, my favorite CPA and I headed to Michigan for some fun with our two youngest grandsons...and, their Mom and Dad.  Jim hadn't been back to see Baby "G" since he was a newborn...BIG changes in that little guy!!  We had a fantastic time, just a few pictures to share (it was hard to pare down the 200+ to only these!) :0)

Soccer game on Saturday morning.  It was chilly, but the cool temps didn't faze the little soccer players, they had a terrific time.  I held Baby "G" on my lap (wrapped in a fleece blanket), so I had my own  "personal space heater" and stayed very warm! :0)

We arrived the day before Easter and had fun helping "L" color eggs that evening.  We even had our own little Easter bunny...

Next to Nana and Papa arriving for a visit, my iPad was "L's" second favorite thing that came to see him!  He is an "Angry Bird's" fan--could he have gotten that from me?  He also talked me into downloading a couple putt-putt games for him to play!

"G's" eyes are as big and blue as "L's" are brown!

The "Boys!"

"L" is into that phase of making funny faces when I try to take his picture! :0/  We had a wonderful week and look forward to our trip back this summer to celebrate Baby "G's" first birthday!!
More great scrapbooking pictures...I need to head over to Paper Pals and check out some new papers!!

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Ellen said...

What precious, precious boys and precious memories! You are such special grandparents to all of your grandkiddos!