Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Personal Yearbook...

I've  been working in the "K" and "R's" classes this year to create a "Personal Yearbook" with each child.  The idea came from Becky Higgens, she offers a free download on her blog for the yearbook that she has done with her children's classes.  I've changed it a little and added some pages, but the end result is the same--a month by month journal of their special memories for the school year. 

I go into their classrooms every month and help them complete a page about something special they have done in school that month that they want to document in their yearbook.  I took a picture of each student at the beginning of the year, again in January, and I will take one more picture at the end of the school year to put in their books.  It's been so much fun, getting to know the children has been the big bonus for me.  And, when I compare the pages they are doing this spring to the ones that they did in the fall, it is amazing to see the growth they are making!

In the end, my hope is that the yearbook will be a special keepsake for both the children and their parents (this isn't the type of project that will end up in the garbage!)  As Becky says, " I believe in teaching children that recording their personal history is important and fun and valuable. Highlighting their own handwriting and art and pictures in a format like this can really boost a child's self-esteem!"

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