Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Isn't it "almost" March???

This is what I am watching today as I sit inside our nice, warm house and scrapbook!  It's no big surprise that I'm not a huge fan of snow.  But, I love the snow in's perfect to get me in the "holiday spirit!"  I even kind of like it in's still winter and a beautiful snowy day is nice!  However, it will be March in a few days, and this is NOT acceptable! 

After all, we planted primroses two weeks was 55 degrees, sunny, and we knew that winter was over for 2011.  Oh boy, was I wrong...these past two weeks it has snowed "almost" every single day!  I guess Mother Nature is the "boss" of when winter will end...I just hope it's soon!


Kristan Paolacci said...

Sunny Arizona will be waiting for you after your Idaho and Michigan snow !!!

Charlie said...

March is so never knows what will happen. April - now that's when it starts clicking. Sending sunny & warm thoughts to you as you snuggle up to watch February wane.