Tuesday, July 13, 2010


FOR TODAY July 13, 2010...

Outside my window... the sun is setting.  Today was chilly (68 degrees) a big change after temperatures in the 90's for the past few days!

I am thinking... HOW VERY EXCITED I am for Thursday....the day our 6th grandchild will be born!!!  (The beauty of a c-section, we know what day this very blessed event will actually happen!)  I find myself thinking, and thinking and thinking some more about this precious baby boy coming into our lives, I wonder how much he will weigh, will he look like his big brother, will he have curly hair like his Mommy or straight (and think) hair like his Daddy?? So many things to wonder, but one thing I know for sure...he will be loved and cherished forever.

I am thankful for... "K" and "A" coming to spend the week with us!  We are having a wonderful time and have so many more fun times planned for the week!

From the kitchen... tacos tonight, and the best part---I didn't even have to cook, we were all invited to spend the evening with Bridget and Jeff!

I am wearing... crop pants and a sweatshirt, remember, I mentioned the temperature, 69 degrees! Brrrr!!

I am creating... a "Brother's" scrapbook, almost finished, as soon as I find out the new baby's name!

I am going...to the movie tomorrow, to the lake this weekend, and then next week to MICHIGAN to visit the new baby, his brother, and his Mommy and Daddy!!  Can't wait!!

I am reading... "The Castaways," a very good book!  Just finished "Falling Leaves, Memoirs of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter," another good book!

I am hoping... that summer returns very soon!  I missed it today! :0)

I am hearing... "quiet" from upstairs.  "A" and "K" are sound asleep..I better join them soon, morning will come much too early!

One of my favorite things... watching our new house going up this summer!  Each day brings progress and changes, it's very exciting!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
"Toy Story 3"
putt-putt golf
plumbing walk-through at the house
some "real" golf
meeting with Joanne, our interior designer
celebrating the arrival of our precious new grandson
playing with "K", "A", "K" and "R".
A photo for today...
Jim enjoying a day at the lake!

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