Thursday, June 3, 2010

A marathon, great food, a doggy and FUN...

We had a great "Memorial Day" weekend at the lake!  The weather didn't cooperate (lots of rain), not fun, but, we still managed to enjoy every minute!  The rain did slow down for the morning of the marathon (actually stopped for a few hours) and that made the runners happy!

A very sweet dog, wandering around the cabins, was adopted by A and K!  People who live in the area had seen her around the area for over a week, and once we arrived on Friday afternoon, she seemed to feel "right at home" with us.  We did get some dog food on Saturday, but to get by on Friday night she enjoyed grated cheese and grilled flank steak  (I know, poor little doggy!!) :0)
They have sent a picture of her to the humane society and contacted vets in the area, but so far there has been no missing dogs reported.  So....looks like A and K might get their wish for a puppy!  Her name is "Casey!"

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Erin said...

I bet their mommy and daddy are reaally happy about that! Haha! I am so happy for A and K, they will be great doggy owners!