Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I can no longer....

....procrastinate and put off FALL!!! Like it, or not, it is definitely here---it was about 38 degrees when I went to the gym this morning @6:30!!

My problem isn't fall, I actually LOVE fall...the changing leaves, a chill in the air (just enough to wear a sweater), tailgating before the home football games, kids back in school, pumpkins and so much more! It's what follows fall that I have a problem with....SNOW/GRAY SKIES/SLICK ROADS/FREEZING know, WINTER!

So, for now I will just sit back, relax, and enjoy FALL! Two things that accompany fall in our house are a bowl full of beautifully colored gourds and pumpkins and a "Farmer's Market" Yankee candle---it smells yummy, just makes you feel like fall!! (My very favorite Yankee candle "Harvest" was discontinued and replaced with "Farmer's Market"...I was skeptical at first, but the aroma is very much the same, all "spicy" and "fall!"

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