Thursday, July 2, 2009

I LOVE summer...

I comment (complain) all winter about all our snow and crummy weather, so I need to remember to blog about the absolutely fabulous summers that we have! Our weather is "picture perfect!" I met some friends this morning at Silos, an adorable bistro/coffee shop. Sitting outside under the pergola surrounded by friends, a beautiful flower garden and great coffee was such fun!!
And, then when I got home I saw this little guy and thought "Oh, how cute!" I even grabbed my camera and took a picture! Then, I realized he was eating our flowers!!!! That is a big "no-no" so I opened the door and shooed him away!! :0)I do love summer...little "flower-eaters" and ALL!!

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Charlie said...

I detest those little flower eaters! I'm about 5 seconds away from buying a pellet gun and going for target practice in my back yard. Nice image on a weekend mom out in the back yard in her polka dot nightgown blasting away at zombie rabbits!