Sunday, May 10, 2009

INCREDIBLE Evening....

It's late, midnight (that's late for me!!), but I just had to write about the "David Foster and Friends" concert at Mandalay Bay tonight. One word: AMAZING!!! He has been a song writer, producer for 30+ years and has collaborated with the many of the best in music! (Kenny G, Chicago, Celine Dion, Michael Buble', Josh Groban, Whitney Houston, and Earth, Wind and Fire...just to name a few.) All of the the stars that were part of the "David Foster and Friends" concert that aired on PBS earlier this year weren't there tonight, but several of them were, and they were spectacular! Charice, the little 17 year old from the Philippines, was the final performer and she was spectacular! (She was discovered by a "You Tube" video and was introduced to David Foster via Oprah!)

Such good music, I could have stayed there all night listening to them.

And, along with the fabulous singers that were part of the show, there were 3 surprise guests that just "popped" in and surprised him.....

First was Paul Anka,

Then, Donny Osmond,And, finally, CHER! I think she was actually wearing this outfit!!A fun, fun night!!! If you're a fan of David Foster music, you must go see this show, you won't be disappointed!!

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