Monday, March 9, 2009

Mother Nature played a MEAN joke....

In my last post I told you how happy we all are that March has arrived and we are loving life "sans" snow? Well...scratch that...Mother Nature decided that winter wasn't quite finished here and decided to dump 4+ inches of new snow in the past couple days!! :0( This morning was a BLIZZARD! I'm NOT exaggerating, I even came across a semi truck stuck---tires spinning---when I was going to the mall this morning!

So, lucky for me, I'm "outta" here tomorrow...heading to Phoenix for a little R&R!! My neck/arm/shoulder are feeling better (pinched nerve root was the final diagnosis), thanks to the steroid epidural injection that I had last Thursday. It will continue working to shrink the nerve root and in the meantime I'm all signed up for physical therapy in Phoenix! (Jean, my sister, came up with this brilliant idea...I was thinking I would have to stay here for PT, but we checked it all out and my insurance covers me down there, so YIPEE!!)

Here are some fun pictures from this past week. "A" reading the Sunday comics to "K", what a great big brother!!
"K's" basketball team, coached by her Daddy. They had a great season...7-1-0!!

More later from the "sunny south!!"

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