Monday, November 12, 2007

Life list....cross one off!!

"After I created my life list, something magical happened. I actually started DOING things on the list." This quote is from my "Life List" blog that I wrote about a month ago....A life list is a list of things you want/must to do in this lifetime, and the intent is to cross the items off one-by-one.
So....after Saturday night I can cross off "Host a wine tasting party." We hosted a wine tasting party at our home and had such a fun evening!!
Hummmmm...what will I tackle next off this list:
Help Jon, Sarah and Landen move to the northwest
Go to an Il Divo concert
Take our grandchildren to Disney World
Go on a “sister’s get-away” someplace fun with Jean
Visit New York City
Have a condo in Phoenix
Sell our present house and build a new house
Go to the Oprah show
Take a trip to Tuscany with Jim
Exercise EVERY day
Learn to play golf
Invite people to dinner more often
Go to more movies
Clean out my closet and drawers and give away anything I don’t wear
Go to Maui again...and again...and again
Stop worrying about things out of my control
Organize all my photos
Find my “perfect’ haircut
Go to visit my friend Linda Hartzell in Texas
Stay in The Venetian again in Las Vegas
Help Jon and Sarah make the move closer to us (listing it twice might help it happen!! :0)
Get new bedding for our guest rooms
Have our master bedroom closet done by California Closets
De-clutter all my drawers and cabinets
See some Broadway plays in New York City
Floss every day
Host a wine tasting party
Plan a family vacation with Jeff, Jamie and Jon and their families
Organize...really organize, my scrapbook room
Spend more quality time with Jim
Learn how to use all the settings on my camera
See Barry Manilow in concert
Catch up on the “yearly” scrapbooks for my grandchildren
Spend lots of the winter in a warmer climate
Take Jamie, Bridget and Sarah on a “girl’s weekend shopping trip”
Get new bedroom furniture
Find the perfect wreath for our front door
Finish my Book of Me including autobiography
Find the BEST wireless internet connection
Eat less chocolate
Spend more time on the deck
Teach our friends to play Euchere
Think only "positive" thoughts
So.......Along with exercising every day, eating less chocolate and thinking only positive thoughts, I'm going to keep "Help Jon, Sarah and Landen move to the northwest" as my #1 priority!!!

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Karen said...

Sounds like a good time! I love your list.